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An Boston industrial property faces a unique set of challenges – and it’s the job of Kings of Pressure to ensure you have all the tools you need to overcome them. Our pressure washing menu is built around the special cleaning needs of this sector, so you can focus on the job ahead with confidence.

Industrial Cleaning, Simplified

There’s a simpler way to maintain your industrial property in Boston, and it starts with Kings of Pressure. We deliver a completely customized service that can be designed around the special needs of your worksite. Regardless of scale, every industrial cleaning service includes:

  • Advanced technology that can handle all your pressure washing needs
  • Dynamic service that meets everything from concrete cleaning to equipment cleaning
  • Qualified professionals who are licensed, certified, and insured
  • Environmental compliance with EPA-certified cleaners and wastewater recovery
  • Convenient scheduling that works around your timeline

We appreciate how essential it is to keep your property safe, functional, and sanitary. That’s why every service is designed to align with Boston building codes, as well as EPA standards. With this regulation-driven approach, we ensure that your property’s needs are always being held to the highest caliber of service.

Our Industrial Cleaning Promise

We believe that every Boston industrial cleaning project should meet two important goals: it should deliver superior quality, and it should be convenient. With Kings of Pressure, you’re always guaranteed to get the best of both. Our industrial cleaning services deliver high caliber results – and we do it efficiently.

Every property needs professional attention; it’s critical to keeping your space clean, functional, and code compliant. But for an industrial property, it’s completely essential. Kings of Pressure is proud to partner with our community of Boston clients to ensure that you’re getting the service you need, and the results to match!

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