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Our client felt like they were fighting a losing battle: the concrete surfaces on their Boston property were constantly looking below-average. They wanted a safe space and a welcoming environment – and they wanted their hardscapes to help them achieve both goals.

The Problem: Around-the-clock use

Our client was a popular fast food restaurant in Boston. They had happy customers visiting around the clock – and it was taking its toll on their property. As a result, all their concrete surfaces were:

  • Covered in debris: Accidents happen. And when customers dropped chewing gum and spilled the occasional drink, it showed.
  • Impacted by vehicle use: Grease, oil, coolant: our client couldn’t control the leaks coming from vehicles that visited their property. But it made its mark on their concrete.

The Solution: Concrete Cleaning

Our Boston client wanted their property to stand out for all the right reasons – and our team had the tools to make that a reality. Using an advanced pressure washing system, we:

  • Removed buildup from chewing gum and other eyesores
  • Stripped away grease and oil from leaky vehicles
  • Brightened the surface to make it look professional and clean

No, the client’s property looks a whole lot different. Instead of dull surfaces, it has streamlined hardscapes. Instead of eyesores, it has professional appeal. Their property is a highlight in their Boston community – and it’s a highlight for all the right reasons.

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