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We believe that our customers should have a flawless fleet – and that it doesn’t have to harm the planet. Our innovative cleaning system brings this goal to life.

Understanding the BioClean System

“Fleet washing” and “environmental responsibility” don’t historically go hand-in-hand. But Kings of Pressure proudly defies this stereotype with our Bioclean Cleaning System.

The result of in-depth product research and development, Bioclean represents a new frontier of fleet washing. This system:

  • Uses a water and energy efficient two-step application process where cleaners are applied first, followed by rinse water
  • Uses two separate hoses, so rinse water and cleaning chemicals never pass through the same channel
  • Neutralizes cleaners to a neutral pH to ensure that chemical residue isn’t left onsite

A Better Fleet Washing Solution

Our Bioclean system isn’t just environmentally responsible – it delivers unparalleled cleaning power. With Kings of Pressure, you don’t have to choose between an effective or earth-friendly cleaning solution: You can have both.

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