Historical Brick Cleaning and the Kings of Pressure Difference

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The historical brick in Boston is legendary. It’s New England charm at its finest – and the surface offers rich historic value from the sidewalk to the building exterior.

Boston’s Historic Brick is in Good Hands

Kings of Pressure is proud to preserve this important part of Boston’s architecture. Bring out the best in your historical brick surfaces the best way… with the help of our experts.

Every Boston brick cleaning service includes a few key components from our team. And it’s these elements that determine the difference between a subpar service and a transformative one. We offer:

  • Brick cleaning tailored to historic brick
    Often, brick cleaning specialists will apply a one-size-fits-all approach to historic and new brick alike. We don’t – because we know that your historic brick needs a gentler approach.
  • Expert service
    Every member of our team is insured, licensed, and professionally certified. We also have an extensive record of historic brick cleaning success throughout Boston.
  • A specialist approach
    Our team invests in the best brick cleaning equipment and cleaning products so you’re getting results that lead industry standards.

Boston, your historical brick surfaces deserve the best of care. And Kings of Pressure is here to deliver.

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