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Your home’s looks are an important part of how others perceive you, so you want to have it look as prim, proper, and neat as possible. However, cleaning your house can be a boring, cumbersome task, not to mention not everybody has the time and tools needed to properly clean up the exterior of their house without damaging it. If you want to instantly increase your curb appeal and remove the stains and algae embedded in the outer walls of your house without damaging the material, do not hesitate to contact us. We provide quick, efficient results, and our professional Wellesley, MA house washing team will never disappoint! 

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Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding might seem simple enough to wash on one’s own, but vinyl can be delicate. Pressure washing it improperly can force water underneath your siding and damage the surface, and could chip, tear, or break the material. Vinyl cleaning is best left to the professionals like us. Using a combination of low water pressure, gentle washing techniques, and powerful cleaners, we will give your vinyl siding a long-lasting clean.

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Brick house

Brick houses might seem extra sturdy, resilient, and hardy, but brick can be a complicated material to deal with. Its porous nature makes it so that algae and debris can easily penetrate the brick, making it difficult to remove. Additionally, brick is so porous that power washing it improperly might erode the material or make it break. Don’t risk damaging your home; hire us instead! Our technicians will power wash your brick walls using very gentle water pressure and special cleaning agents that remove the algae, debris, and stains that might have become enmeshed in the surface.

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Hardie Board

Hardie board siding looks very beautiful, but it can easily get damaged and break when not washed properly. When cleaned with too much pressure or left to air dry, the surface can get bendy or even break. Avoid the risk of damaging your Hardie boards, and let us take care of it. We use low-pressure power washing to do the job and a special nonmetal brush to scrub the dirt and debris that might have become stuck into it, and then we use special techniques to dry the board, ensuring no moisture is left.

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Benefits Of Our House Washing in Wellesley, MA

Our business prides itself on a quality job done fast and at a reasonable price. For decades, we have provided Wellesley, MA house washing services to residential homeowners who want to instantly raise their property’s curb appeal. We have thousands of satisfied, returning clients willing to vouch for us! We employ only the best professionals, with years of training and experience and all the techniques and knowledge necessary to do a good job fast. We use a combination of soft, low-pressure washing with powerful yet eco-friendly and gentle detergents that will protect both your home and the environment. It’s important to keep your house good-looking, but so is keeping the environment healthy and without pollution!

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House Washing Wellesley, MA

We had our house power washed today and we are very happy with the great results. Scheduling was quick and easy, and our House Washing service technician was very professional, thorough and efficient. We would definitely recommend Kings of Pressure!

JoAnne Donahue

House Washing In Wellesley, MA

I called Kings of pressure to clean my house. He was there the same week. Jake and his team treated my property as if it were their own. Taking care of every last detail. And kindly explaining all the ins and outs. My house looks new again. And my neighbors have noticed and complimented me. I strongly recommend The Kings Of Pressure for all you power washing needs. Look no further. I'm very picky, and it's nice to hire a House Washing company I can trust.

John Malesky

House Washing Wellesley, MA

Jake, the owner, was great to work with. Very personable and professional. His attention to detail is second to none. For example as we were settling up he noticed a small mold spot on the siding, which to be honest I couldn't see, but he had his assistant restart the equipment and took care of it right then. Our house now looks like it has new siding and I would definitely recommend his House Washing services to everyone.

Tom Gifford

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House Washing Questions

No, pressure washing is not necessarily bad when done correctly. Using too much pressure might damage your materials, while not using enough might not clean properly. Our team of professionals know just the right amount of pressure to use to safely and thoroughly clean your home.

Our method includes using a combination of low water pressure, powerful yet gentle cleaning agents, techniques tailored to each material, and state-of-the-art tools. We ensure your house is as clean as possible without harming it.

That depends on the specificities of your house. Things such as the material it is made of, which climate it is exposed to, and the last wash are all contributing factors. It is difficult to provide an accurate estimate without knowing more, but on average, house washing should be done once a year.

It is difficult to give an estimate without knowing the specific sizing and material of your house. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or here on the site with your details, and we will be happy to provide you with a free quote!

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