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Have you ever watched a video where a building was being washed with a high-powered hose had been amazed at the results? At Kings Of Pressure, we believe every building needs specialized attention to maintain that special appeal. Our team utilizes both skill and technology, as well as our soft wash approach, to safely remove dirt, mildew, and other buildups from your home to bring back that picture-perfect look.

What Can Kings Of Pressure Do For You?

Residential Services

When it comes to house washing, we use a soft wash approach, meaning no high pressure. Using high pressure on a home can cause irreversible damage. Our other residential services include roof cleaning, hardscape maintenance, such as brick and asphalt, gutter whitening, as well as deck and fence cleaning.

Commercial Services

When it comes to maintaining a professional looking property, we provide a comprehensive solution to your needs while balancing sanitation and safety concerns. Some of the commercial clients we serve are colleges, government buildings, hotels, and more. On our commercial side we do, roof cleaning, building restorations, rust stain removals, and so much more.

Historic preservations

Being a member of the Boston area, we understand how history shapes our communities today, and nothing reminds us more about our history than the architecture. With our expertise, not only do we maximize results, but we carefully preserve historic value so nothing is lost. Not only do we do masonry cleaning, and historic brick cleaning, but we also do specialized masonry restoration.

Winter Services

As we are located in Worcester, Massachusetts, we are no stranger to the New England winters. Despite the picture-perfect scenes snow creates, every property needs help to maintain functionality and safety during the winter season. For our snow plowing, salting, and sanding services, we use industry-grade plowing and winter equipment and we are staffed by trained and certified technicians.

About Us

While we are located in Worcester, Massachusetts, our service area includes towns in Middlesex, Norfolk, and Worcester counties. We clean everything and are committed to your satisfaction. If you need anything cleaned, plowed, or salted, we are the ones to call. If needed, you can even ask for a free estimate before you hire us.

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