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Keeping your roof as maintained as possible is important for many reasons. Of course, keeping it good-looking and beautiful is important, but dust and debris can get embedded in your shingles and damage them. Not every homeowner has the time, patience, experience, or tools needed to clean their roof. Cleaning a roof is quite dangerous, and renting the necessary tools can get expensive fast. Inexperience makes it easy to damage the shingles or the structure, or even slip and fall yourself! Avoid any unnecessary risks, and let us do the work! We are the best choice for your roof cleaning in Ashburnham, MA.

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Shingle Cleaning

Asphalt shingles might seem sturdy, reliable, and hardy enough that you do not need to worry about cleaning them: However, asphalt is a very porous material, which means that algae and debris can seep inside the material and become embedded in it. It’s tempting to want to clean it yourself, but inexperience could lead to using the wrong technique or too much water pressure, which might erode, crack, or break your tiles! If you want to keep your roof healthy, leave it to a professional like us.

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Roof Cleaning

A metal roof is a favorite for many people because it is sturdy, resilient, and easy to maintain. However, just like with any other roof, the weather ravages and the dust and debris can hurt it. If you want to keep your metal roof as healthy as possible, cleaning it sparingly will not do. Contact us, and we will take care of it without damaging the structure or making it rusty.

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Roof Cleaning

Slate roof tiles are really elegant, beautiful, and classy, but they come with a downside: they are very delicate and can split easily. Using the wrong cleaners or too much water pressure might dim their shine, crack, splinter, or break them. Luckily, we specialize in cleaning and caring for slate tiles. We have special gentle cleaners that can not only clean them but restore their original shine.

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Benefits Of Our Roof Cleaning in Ashburnham, MA

 With many years of experience under our belt, we have figured out all the techniques to effectively and efficiently clean roofs, leaving them spotless, shiny, and beautiful for longer. Using a combination of soft pressure washing, state-of-the-art tools, and a special Ashburnham, MA roof cleaning process, our team will give a thorough clean without damaging your roof. We use powerful yet gentle cleansers that remove the stains without eroding the material, then remove the embedded dirt and algae from your roof, restoring it to its original beauty and keeping it spotless for longer. Though all of our cleaners are powerful, they are completely green and eco-friendly. We know that keeping your roof clean is important, but so is protecting the environment!

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Roof Cleaning Ashburnham, MA

These guys just finished up at my house. They are super nice and def have great prices. I can finally see part of my roof that was covered in moss! The moss will still have to day off but it looks like it’s already almost there thanks to these guys! Definitely hire them for your roof cleaning needs!

Shweta Verma

Roof Cleaning In Ashburnham, MA

My insurance company recently requested that I have my roof treated for some fungus/moss growth. I called up Kings of Pressure on a Monday, had a very reasonable estimate in hand on Tuesday and work completed by noon on Friday. They did a fantastic job were very professional and prompt. Will recommend them to my area friends - and anyone looking for roof cleaning.

Stephanie Lambrenos

Roof Cleaning Ashburnham, MA

I've used Jake and team from Kings Of Pressure Roof Cleaning to power wash our vinyl sided house a couple of times and most recently had him also remove some algae and lichens from my roof. I rate him a 5 because a) he's responsive, b) he delivers what you expect (or more), and c) he acts like a business owner who wants to be in business for a long time. He's got a well integrated communications platform which makes dealing him very simple. No friction.

Mike Sullivan

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Roof Cleaning Questions

Pressure washing all by itself is not harmful. It is one of the best ways to keep your roof clean and proper. However, improper water pressure can be quite dangerous. Extreme pressures can break delicate tiles, damage the roof’s structure and cause rust in metal tiles. Kings of Pressure has the professionals needed to wash your roof without damaging it.

We wash your roof through a special combination of low water pressure, special techniques, state-of-the-art tools, and gentle cleansers that ensure that your shingles are not damaged through cleaning. Our team has experience handling all types of roofing material and will treat your roof as though it’s our own.

Most professionals would recommend washing your roof once a year on average. Factors such as the weather that most often hits, how many stories your house has, and when was the last time you cleaned your roof all contribute to the frequency of which roof cleaning is needed. Without knowing the specific details of your house, it’s hard to give an accurate estimate. Contact us now, and get a better understanding of your maintenance needs!

We can’t provide an accurate estimate without knowing the specific details of your roof. Our pricing differs with the material the roof is made of, how many stories your house has, what kind of weather you get, and how often you clean your roof. However, if you contact us by phone or here on the site, we will be more than happy to provide you with a free quote!

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