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It’s almost that time of year again. Time for spring cleaning. While inside the house you might know exactly what to do, outside the house can be trickier. Maybe you’re thinking about getting new patio furniture, or maybe you’re just tired of how dull your patio has looked lately. Often with the busy winter season, you don’t notice all of the dirt, mold, stains, and leaves that have built up on your porch. But other people do, and if you take a harder look, you will too. That’s why your patio is a great place to start for spring cleaning.

Start with the Surface

The first thing you’ll need to do is sweep off your patio to get rid of all the dust and leaves that have accumulated. This is often a pretty simple task that won’t take more than an hour. And in the end, you’ll be able to see a huge improvement already. If you’re still not satisfied with the way your patio looks, you can always clean it further.

Hose it down

Hosing your patio down with a simple garden hose will go a long way towards getting rid of caked-on dirt that naturally builds up over time outdoors. It will remove the vestiges left from sweeping, and take some of the tougher stains out. Often, though, a simple hosing isn’t enough to really make your patio sparkle.

Consider having it power washed

Some stains are stubborn enough that only a professional will really be able to get them out. If you have noticeable stains on your patio that are giving you headaches, you’ll want to look into power washing. Power washing uses hot water at high pressure in order to blast even the most difficult stains out of your wood or stone without damaging the material. It’s often the only way to get rid of stains that have been building up for years, or stains created by extreme weather.

If you’d like to look further into power washing services in the New England area, you can contact Kings of Pressure. You can also visit their website for more information about patio cleaning, as well as the many other power washing services they provide. Whatever you decide, you won’t regret taking steps to clean up your patio!

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