Commercial Property Management Cleaning Services


Commercial Property Management Cleaning Services 

Your property’s first impression is king. And it’s our job to make sure that your curb appeal supports the business you want to project to your community. With our commercial property management cleaning services, you know that your space is always in capable hands!

Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions

Banks and restaurants. Schools and medical facilities. Shopping centers and office parks. A commercial property can fill a lot of important needs in the community, and we’re committed to giving your business the spotlight it deserves. Our exterior cleaning and pressure washing solutions include:


  • Building washing
    We use soft washing to safely clean your building exterior. Using the best technology and cleaners to match, we remove the imperfections from your building — and give curb appeal space to shine.
  • Roof cleaning
    Our soft washing service is the only way to remove stains and harmful bacteria from your roof without exposing it to the excessive force that goes hand-in-hand with pressure washing. Your roof will look spotless… And it will last longer, too.
  • Hardscape maintenance
    Parking lots, sidewalks, entryways, driveways: your property utilizes hardscapes aplenty, and it’s our job to make sure they shine. Our pressure washing service removes everything from chewing gum to dirt to bring out a first impression that makes you feel proud.
  • Parking garage cleaning
    We amp up our pressure washing service to give this high-traffic area the deep clean it needs. The result? Your professionalism will shine through in every single parking space in your lot.
  • Rust removal
    Don’t stain your curb appeal — erase it. Our team uses a specialty rust removal solution to eliminate stains from virtually any surface. Your property maintains its quality and you get curb appeal that makes you feel proud.

Create a Great First Impression

Kings of Pressure teams up with commercial properties across the region. We know what you need to get the most out of your exterior — and we’re proud to deliver pressure washing and exterior cleaning services that meet those needs.